Installing Windmill and Solar Power Generation Units in Your Home Has Never Been As Easy Or As Cheap

With the cost of fuel set to eventually return to and perhaps surpass the prices we saw in 2008, we need to prepare for a corresponding rise in our monthly electricity bills. Next winter could be a long cold one for many people, not to mention the state of the economy.

To counter this potential burden on their monthly expenses many are turning to green power, renewable energy which we can find right on all of our doorsteps. We’re talking about solar energy, power from our sun, and wind energy, harnessed by those hypnotic windmills we see popping up in more and more locations around us.

What may come as a surprise to most is that setting up a solar power generator or a windmill generator in your home is not at all difficult or costly, and you can get all the parts you need from your local hardware store.

Many are starting to do this electricity generation themselves to help reduce their power bills, and do their bit for the planet. The benefits are actually more than meets the eye.

For example, what not many realize is that you can ‘sell’ power to the national grid in just the same way as ‘buying’ it when you consume it as electricity with your household appliances.

When you install renewable power sources and the amount you install exceeds your household requirements, your excess power with trickle back up to the power station and you get paid the going rate.

By installing a couple of solar panels in strategic locations, and a couple of windmills, also in optimal locations, you should be able to exceed the power requirements of a small house. This would not only eliminate your power bills completely, you would also receive an income from selling the excess back. What type you use really depends on your geographical location. Fortunately most places in the world get enough of a share of wind and sun to justify using either or both methods to generate power.

If you happen to be in a place which doesn’t have both, choose the method which best suits your environment and double up with that.

In terms of what the optimal installation would be, solar panels should be placed at a 45 degree angle to the sky with half pointing east and the other half pointing west. As the sun rises in the east the easterly facing panels would capture the sunlight from early morning to mid day, and the westerly pointing panels would capture the sun during the afternoon until dusk.

Wind turbines and windmills need to be as high up as possible as the wind is more likely to be stronger higher up than nearer the ground. Failing that, anywhere that receives a consistent breeze would do the trick. Buying ready made windmills and solar paneling can be quite expensive, but anyone who likes these kinds of home improvement projects would have no problem making and installing these things yourselves.

The advantages are obviously huge, from the additional income electricity generation can bring, to the dramatic positive effects it will have on our environment if we, and more like us make our own power from the forces that surround us. Make it your project too.

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