Build a Generator and Get Free Power For Your Home Or Apartment – Learn the Secret! Easy to Build

To build a generator is a simple task. Yes simple. You can build a generator for your home that is easy to build, silent, and environmentally friendly. This is all possible using magnetic energy.

What is magnetic energy? Did you ever play with magnets as a child? If you recall, magnets will either repel each other or attract each other depending on the polarity (which ends of the magnets are near each other). By simply turning the magnet around and changing the polarity, you can create movement. This is the essence of magnetic energy. This energy can be harnessed and therefore you can build a generator and make electricity.

Why build a generator? To build a generator for your home is a very satisfying task. Not only is it a fun and easy project, but the benefits of having a your own magnetic powered electricity generator for your home are enormous.

* Save on your power bill.
* You will be off the power grid. Self sufficient.
* You will not generate greenhouse gases. Save the environment.
* No building experience is necessary, its that simple.
* No ugly solar panels or windmills
* Low cost
* Set up in your home, unit or apartment

How does a magnetic energy powered generator compare with other renewable energy sources like solar or wind power?

*Firstly and most importantly, you do not need wind or sun to power the generator, since it runs on magnetic energy. Night or day, wind or no wind, a magnetic power generator will generate electricity.
*Building instructions are very easy to follow, far simpler than building a solar or wind powered generator.
*You can use a magnet generator in your apartment, you don’t need roof space or outside space.

How much does it cost to build a generator? Plans are less than $50 and parts can be purchased for around $100 from your local hardware store.

Your home will be the only home in the street with lights on when the power grid fails!

Discover the secret of free power and build a generator for yourself. Cat Walker is a researcher of practical, environmentally friendly power generation techniques. Her latest interest is Magnetic Generators. visit her website at

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To learn more about methods you can implement ‘free’ power in your home, I highly recommend the Magni System guide, a detailed set of plans for building your own generation system. Best of all, you need not be a super qualified engineer, but rather, enthusiastic, and able to follow well written instructions.

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