Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Green Power – Make a Solar Panel

Electric rates will continue their relentless rise upward. So too will your home electric bills. Most likely your utility delivers “carbon power” to your meter.

Are you ready to change from “carbon power” to “green power” for your home and save money while you help save planet earth?

What is “carbon power”?

Your electric utility produces or buys power generated by a variety of power plants. Some burn coal, others burn natural gas. Your electricity may come partly from nuclear power plants, which does not burn coal but has problems of long-term waste disposal. “Carbon power” is electricity generated by burning fossil fuels like coal.

What is your “carbon footprint”?

Your electricity produces a “carbon footprint” depending on the mix of fuels used for power generation. Your home carbon footprint depends on how many kilowatt-hours (kWhs) of that electricity you use at home.

The larger your home’s “carbon footprint,” the more greenhouse gases are attributable to you and your home — and the more you depend on “carbon power.”

What is “green power”?

“Green power” is when the electricity you use has the smallest possible carbon footprint resulting in the lowest possible greenhouse gas emissions.

Unless you have a free-flowing stream on your property, you can rule out hydropower. And nuclear energy, though it doesn’t use carbon-based fuel, has major waste disposal and other issues.

Solar and wind energy are green power sources freely available to you.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer you can build your own solar panel for your home for a very small investment. You will be glad you did because:

  • You’ll learn about solar science.
  • You’ll learn the craft of solar power generation.
  • You’ll discover how best to use solar energy in your home.
  • You’ll be able to power small appliances and tools.
  • You’ll have a small back-up source of electric power.
  • You’ll save money on your electric bills.
  • You’ll be stepping into the 21st century.
  • And you will help save the planet.

Solar panel guidance materials

Get started by getting the best solar guidance materials available. You need a quality manual with detailed, easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions on exactly how to make your solar panels.

The cost of the making your own panels is low and your how-to guide is reasonably priced; — so the overall cost to build your solar panel is not expensive.

We’ve searched the internet and come up with the best solar power guidance materials for the home do-it-yourselfer. We’ve compared and rated them.

How much carbon power do you use? Here is where you can learn more about your home’s green power potential.

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