How to Make Electricity at Home

Are you burdened by unmanageable energy costs that make your family budget go haywire? Are energy efficient lighting systems installed in your home still pulling at your purse strings? The only viable solution to these problems lies in creating your very own power resources. Make your own electricity!

Yes, you have heard it right! No more whopping utility bills to be paid at the end of every month. No more depending on power that is generated and supplied by others. The current motto is to become self-sufficient in one’s energy needs.

How can you create your own energy at home? There are several cost-efficient ways to revert to home-made electricity that generates energy that is both clean and green. Thus creating energy is equivalent to conserving the environment by making use of renewable natural resources. It is not just enough to generate electricity by multiple generation methods but to have a grip on ways to conserve that energy as well.

The first source that can be tapped to generate home-grown energy is the use of wind power. The power generated by windmills has traditionally been used to run machines, and now it could be used in your home. Watch the direction of the wind as it blows into your home and set up a windmill at the most suitable point. It is not even necessary to construct a large wind turbine as a simple windmill is enough to generate power even if the wind speed happens to be low. So you can get started by assembling the wind propellers without much cost by recycling spare parts that lie around the house or are stowed away in the garage.

Another source of renewable and eco-friendly natural energy that can be harnessed for home use is the sun. If you set up solar panels where it is sunniest you can make it work efficiently. In simple terms these panels can convert sun-power into electric power for the home. The solar panels are no longer elaborate and expensive gadgets. You can comfortably get foil solar panels at a nominal price even in the hardware store in your locality. The installation is also cheap as it needs no special expertise. These foil solar panels can just be rolled out on the roof. Solar energy cannot solve the entire energy needs of a household. If the weather is cloudy, rain or snow-prone power generation can become erratic.

The wind and the sun can be used as dual sources for creating energy that will take care of your home energy needs. Efficient storage and judicious use of the energy is important too. Whether you are dependent on home-grown electricity or are consuming high-cost utility services, the eco-friendly watchword these days is ‘conserve’.

To curtail energy costs and to conserve the energy produced, it is essential to use energy-saving but efficient lighting systems. The energy saved after consumption can be stored in the grid. Come rain or hail — remain hale and hearty enjoying energy generated at home.

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Frank Wang is an experienced Chemical and Computer engineer writing on various technical issues.

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