Using Home Wind Turbines to Generate Free Electricity

Home wind turbines produce electricity from a free, renewable, clean source of energy, the wind. Using this alternative energy resource, wind generators are becoming a popular method of producing free electricity for homeowners, small business owners, and large corporations. The advantages and benefits of using windmills to generate electricity easily surpass the negatives. Many homeowners choose to build their own DIY wind generators from kits that are available online. For those who are not so mechanically inclined, there are over 200 varieties of home wind generators that are available online today.

In a typical residential application, electricity is provided simultaneously by the wind turbine and the local electrical utility. If the wind speeds are below the cut-in speed (7-10 mph), there will be no electrical output from the generator, and all of the needed power is then purchased from the utility. As wind speeds increase, generator output increases, and the amount of power purchased from the utility is decreased. When the generator produces more power than the home needs, the extra electricity can be sold to the utility. Home wind power systems incorporate the electrical power from the wind or utility automatically. The two types of home wind turbines include Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines (HAWT’s) and Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT’s).

Horizontal axis wind turbines are easily the most popular type of wind power generator in use today. Home windmills, for example, use a horizontal axis wind turbine to power themselves, as do most modern commercial wind farm turbines. Horizontal axis windmills work by orienting propeller blades into the wind on a horizontal rotor shaft. The force of the wind causes the blades to spin, much like a pinwheel. The blades are fixed, and are connected to the rotor shaft, which rotates with them while the wind is blowing. The motion of this rotor shaft is then used to generate electricity.

Vertical axis turbines operate on similar principles to horizontal axis wind turbines, but with several key differences. First, the rotor shaft of a vertical windmill is arranged in a vertical orientation, with the wind-catching blades arranged around the rotor shaft. Vertical axis wind generators do not need to be facing into the wind to produce electrical power. This is because the blades are arranged uniformly around the rotor shaft, catching the wind from any direction. The blades then spin the entire apparatus in a circular motion, producing kinetic energy that can be used to create electrical power.

Wind turbines are ideal for homeowners, communities, and small businesses to use for on-site electrical power generation. The actual wind speed at individual sites will be influenced by the local topography and any nearby obstructions, such as trees or other buildings. Wind movement around buildings themselves is variable, so seeking expert advice can be a valuable option for the property owner. There are a range of small wind generator models that can be installed in most locations. Your individual site specifics (such as location, prevailing wind speeds, and local landscape) will eventually determine the best turbine type and size for your application.

Can home wind turbines provide free electricity for your home? The answer is a resounding yes.

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