Home Solar Power Generation – It’s Never Been A Better Time To Use Solar Power In The Home

It isn’t really known how long fossil fuels will last but the fact that they are essentially finite and will run out at some stage seems to really be hitting home to the powers that be and the average person in the street. Not only is this translating to inflationary prices in using energy but it could be seen as a source of future conflicts as people get more desperate for these resources. Many signs also point to the fact that using fossil fuels has been bad for the environment and increased the amount of greenhouse gases being put into the air. This has prompted people to look for new ways to create energy and improve on other methods that do not have the negative aspects of fossil fuels. One of these alternatives is solar power, that has been with us for thousands of years but only recently developed into a technology that can be used in homes. This article will cover home solar power generation and what it can mean for your lifestyle.

Solar power ticks all the boxes that fossil fuel has been failing to do for some time now. It is a renewable energy that will not decrease the more we use it. It has few if any of the environmental impacts that fossil fuels have. Given the increased and steady research into solar power it is now close or even better than fossil fuels in terms of cost to the user. This is a major factor that has changed between the two forms of energy generation.

Home solar power generation can work on a number of levels. It can be passive solar power. This is commonly used in heating water or creating warmth in the home. Or it can be active. Passive solar power has been used for thousands of years and has been improved on s the years have passed.

Active solar power in the home is becoming more popular as the price goes down and more rebates and grants are offered. Active solar power can also be as elaborate or transparent as the user wishes. By this I mean that many utility companies will install the solar system into your home and deduct the amount of electricity that your panel creates off of your electricity bill. Or you could go completely self sufficient and cut all ties with the utility company. This is commonly referred to as going off the grid. It is more involved and takes a fair amount of experience before this is a path to follow.

The principal technology behind active home solar power generation is the photovoltaic cell (PV). This is a cell made of a compound of silicon and a number of other elements like boron and phosphorous. Many photovoltaic cells make up one solar panel that you see on rooftops all over the place nowadays. There is a reaction between a cell when sunlight strikes it that releases an electron. This causes a direct current to be generated that flows through the solar panel. This current can be used however it is needed. It can be used to power direct current appliances. It can be stored in batteries to be used later or it can be converted to alternating current using an inverter for use in the home.

Much of the research into solar energy has gone into making PV cells more efficient. In other words how much electricity one cell can create per the amount of sunlight that strikes the cell. Most panels are rated at about 10-15%.

Given the research and the initiatives being put out by various governments to make renewable energy a reality it seems that it is a good time to use solar power generation in your home.

Solar power can be applied to many house and garden products. In recent years the cost of these appliances have become very affordable and saved money on energy bills. Learn more about solar powered appliances at http://www.solarpowerappliances.com – The site has features on how do solar panels work, outdoor lighting and solar ovens. Adrian Whittle writes about using solar power and appliances that can utilize renewable energy sources.

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