How to Build Your Own Wind Power Generators and Get Government Grants to Sponsor Your Project

Fuel costs are on the rise and many people have been looking for alternatives to cut their rising home energy costs.

One option is conservation – by using less you can save a lot of money, but that is very hard for some people with demanding lives. Another option is to be more energy efficient. By using appliances rated for efficiency, better home insulation and other methods to conserve energy in the home many homes can actually cut their energy bills in half quite easily. Building renewable power into your home is also a very smart idea.

Wind power is abundant in countries like Holland and Denmark and the world is beginning to see how reliable and cost-effective it can be. And it isn’t rocket science either – wind power is actually one of the simpler forms of energy we can use. All that a wind power generator consists of is a DC motor, a tower, and a battery bank.

With the right blueprints you can make one at home. The most expensive part is the DC motor, which might only run you $50-60 in most cases. Some guides can show you how to get batteries and towers for free – in fact, you can find out how people might actually pay you to take batteries or towers away for them!

Coupling your energy efficiency efforts with conservation, wind power generation, and other forms of renewable energy such as solar power generation with solar panels may allow you to make more energy than you use. The power company will then pay you for the energy you create! These manuals I am talking about will also show you how to get government grants to sponsor your project, no strings attached. The government supports renewable energy, and so should you!

Get expert designs and diagrams to build wind power generators into your home. It will cost you much less than you would ever expect!

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To learn more about methods you can implement ‘free’ power in your home, I highly recommend the Magni System guide, a detailed set of plans for building your own generation system. Best of all, you need not be a super qualified engineer, but rather, enthusiastic, and able to follow well written instructions.

To obtain a free report on free energy in your home, you are welcome to leave your name and email on the right hand side of the screen. Your report will be in your inbox, in a matter of minutes. It is amazing how much you can do nowadays, and not be dependent on your power company. You will save money too!

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