DIY Solar Electrical Systems – An Overview of Setting Up Your Own Solar Power Supply

If you are thinking about making your own clean electricity, there are a few things you need to consider before you begin your project. Generating electricity using your own small renewable energy system such as with a set of Solar Panels, can suite the ecological values and budgets of some home, farms and small-business owners. Large corporations have already seen the value of the savings to be made with alternative energy and are going green by installing solar and wind power solutions. Although it can take time to research, select and buy a system, more and more people enjoy the independence they gain by going green and enjoy the knowledge that their actions are helping the environment.

Basically there are two approaches or systems to alternative power solutions.

Off Grid Systems – This is where your power system is totally independent from any main power supply. People, especially those in remote areas, generate electricity from their own systems instead of electricity supplied to them by electricity providers. These are called stand-alone or off-grid systems and need to be well thought out to reliably provide the required power needs of the average home or farm. A business that relies on reliable uninterrupted power may have an even bigger challenge. While it may be easy to simply use a diesel generator, more people and farms are turning to alternative generating systems or hybrid systems.

Grid Connected – This is where you combine your own alternative power generation with a connection to “the grid” to either top up your needs or sell power back to the grid. A grid-connected system allows you to sell any excess power you produce back to your power provider and so is a credit against your power bill. Most people opt to connect their solar or wind systems to the grid. A renewable energy system would then be used to supply some or all of your electricity needs depending on your usage at certain times of the day or even year.

The typical renewable energy technologies available for use today are, solar panel, wind power, micro-hydro power and hybrid solar/wind systems. Of these, solar and wind are the most reliable and worth considering, as hydro systems can be restricted by your location and even local water laws. While solar and wind are free to all, there may still be zoning and construction laws you need to consider, for instance a wind turbine tower may have height or local council restrictions. Before you purchase and install a small renewable energy system, you should also analyse your electricity loads to see what your electricity needs are and check if it economically feasible.

If you’re designing a new home, you have the ideal opportunity to work with the builder and your contractor to incorporate a small renewable energy system into your house design. Applying “passive solar” heating, and energy efficient design is much cheaper than retro fitting. Applying “green” ideals at this point can save you a lot of money on heating & cooling in the future. However, if you are like the majority of people and are happy with where you live, you have a couple of choices – pay a lot of money for a “off the shelf” solar system – or go DIY and build it yourself.

Solar energy is now a real option for the home and small farm owner, I hope that this article has been of use as you research your options. Building a solar panel electrical system is no longer out of the reach of non-technical home-handyman types, especially as more and more information is becoming available. If you are looking for simple DIY solutions, take a moment to read our Earth4Energy Guide Review.
Building your own solar energy system is really not that difficult, so for those interested, here is an introduction to DIY Solar Panels.

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