Solar Energy Against Global Warming – Build the Best Home Solar Energy System

Solar energy takes, like other renewable sources of energies, a leading role as an alternative method against climate change. It is a clean energy source that emits no greenhouse gases and is also totally affordable.

Unfortunately, today these energy sources are not much popular and used, so its massive implementation is expensive, but always profitable. It is always easier and more convenient, in the short term, the use of facilities and technologies already developed around fossil fuels, despite the negative effects of their use on the environment.

Therefore, it is necessary the commitment of institutions to promote the development and progressive implementation of clean energies.

In a theoretical framework, through the use of renewable energy we could greatly reduce or even eliminate CO2 emissions. For example:

For the heating of domestic water is now possible to use solar thermal energy. With a solar thermal system you can heat most of the water for bathing (from 60% to 80%), avoiding large amounts of fuel burned in the gas or oil heaters.

Solar heating is feasible in countries located close to the equator, but difficult in countries at high latitudes where sunlight is weak during winter and this is the time when is most needed for heating purposes. That is why solar thermal systems are currently used as support for conventional heating.

For the power supply, there are solar photovoltaic panels. Unfortunately, purchasing solar panels for your home is still very expensive. However, building your own home solar energy system is way less expensive and makes possible a much more widespread household use in the coming years.

Remember that using a home solar energy system not only saves you money on your electricity bill, it also helps the world save power for its future generations. To keep learning about solar energy and all the benefits it could bring to your life, visit us at

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