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Wind turbines provide an off grid power supply, are now easy to make yourself and can frequently generate enough off grid power supply to cover an average home’s energy requirements. That means many homes can now go off grid with well-functioning off grid batteries. Or, with several 3000 Watt wind turbines, you can actually feed back into the national grid and generate a regular income.

In today’s age of expecting all our power requirements on tap, it is an exciting prospect to think we can actually make our own off grid power supply easily with the right technical advice. It becomes even more interesting when you know, with a good guide, it can be done cheaply without recourse to companies offering expensive renewable energy products.

To make an off grid power supply requires a good understanding of how wind turbines can convert wind power into electrical power. You will also need to work out how to make a decent off grid generator and off grid batteries. To produce maximum efficiency, all must be completed to a high specification: the power supply from the wind turbine, the generator, and the batteries.

That may make you think that you would need to approach firms offering self-sufficiency products way beyond your budget. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Full instructions and advice on off grid power supply, made by you and your limited technical knowledge, can be found in great guides available on the internet.

Off grid power supply guides can be found in book shops and other outlets, but I would strongly advise buying via the internet. Most internet guides will provide a 30 or 60 day money back guarantee, so, if you’re not completely satisfied, you know you will get a full refund. Do watch out for that. It’s extremely important when you get involved in something like an off grid power supply system.

Most people nowadays interested in an off grid power supply opt for a wind turbine. You will also need to know about how to make your own generator and how to store electricity in a bank of batteries. But for now, let’s look at wind turbines and how they work.

Wind turbines may be a very efficient way of obtaining an off grid power supply and are the preferred choice of most people, currently. They depend to a large extent on the wind energy which can be tapped in a specific locality. This is important; there may be better ways of exploiting of off-grid energy in your area, for example sun rays. However, for many people wind power is the way to go.

If wind power is the way to go in your particular situation, you need to start thinking about how to maximize its efficiency. I would suggest getting a manual from someone who has already done it, but that is up to you. Solar power is another potential option and your investment can be recouped rapidly.

So, think first about where you will position your wind turbine. Detailed experimentation of how the wind blows over your geographical area over the space of several years would be very handy. Your local meteorological office will give you some information, but the rest you will need to test for yourself. Of course, once you have your off grid generator in place, your windmill can always be repositioned, so this consideration is not unalterable. But it is a pain. I know. I’ve fine tuned the positioning of my own windmill three times.

Next, think about the efficiency of your equipment. This is where a good off grid power supply guide really comes into its own. If the guide has it right, and you can follow the instructions properly, you could easily end up with 700% more efficiency than you would otherwise have had.

Erecting a wind turbine to create an off grid power supply isn’t for the unassuming, so beware of neighbors. Just make sure you find a guide, preferably at under $100, to get it all right and get yourself on the right path to power self-sufficiency.


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