Residential Solar – Basic Components to Build Your Residential Solar Power Systems

Have you ever wondered how much benefit you can get out of your residential solar power systems? This is one of the easiest and the most suitable way to cut down your electricity bills. Having a solar power system on your rooftop can be really advantageous. People have started understanding this. This is why more people are showing interest in building a solar power system.

There are various components that you will require if you want to build your residential solar power systems. The materials to build these components will be available to you either in the local hardware store or you can even order them online. You must remember that all these components are equally necessary. You cannot build your system without them.

Your first component which is very important is the solar module. This is actually called the heart of your residential solar power systems. These modules are made up with the help of photovoltaic cells which are soldered together. Many photovoltaic cells are used for this purpose. Your photovoltaic cells are made up of the materials which act as a semiconductor.

These semiconductor materials generate electric current whenever they are exposed to the rays of the sun. You must also remember that this is your most expensive part of the solar power system. Your second component which is also very essential is the battery bank. Your battery bank helps the system to store your power. This power can be used whenever necessary.

There is a special type of battery which is used for your residential solar power system. This battery is known as the deep cycle. This kind of battery usually lasts for a long time. The number of batteries will depend on your requirement. You will need at least 8 batteries which are connected together. Your next component is the charge controller.

You cannot charge your batteries directly with the help of the solar module. So you need to use a charge controller to charge your batteries. Your charger will supply current to your battery bank. The current needs to be supplied at the correct voltage and this will increase the efficiency of the batteries. The next component is the DC load controller.

This component will help you to maintain the proper supply of current as well as voltage to all your electrical appliances present in your home from your solar panels. The power inverter is also another necessary component. It is used to convert current from DC to AC. The other essential parts of residential solar panel systems are transfer switch, AC generator and AC load controller.

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