Solar Power Grid Tie Systems Prove the Sign of the Times

In the old days before electricity there were many alternative ways people derived their energy supply. It was, of course nothing like today’s abundant supply, but none the less there was an ample supply if you had the resources. One example was when the light bulb was being invented; the inventor had access to a large abundance of flowing water and later used this to create the energy plant that lit up most homes in his town. The invention of the light bulb was one of the major contributors to the electricity movement but its far outgrown just that one use. Today we use electricity for just about everything from juicing up our cell phone chargers to brewing our necessary cup of Joe in the morning to survival gear such as the heater and air conditioner. The use of so much electricity these days has crippled the electric companies who are desperate to find relief. Using the old school mentality of finding alternative energy sources, creative sources, and using natures own abundant energy producing systems is what solar grid tie technologies are all about.

When solar technologies emerged there was much excitement. New toys started using them as science projects, and eventually homes started to develop ways to create small amounts of energy using a few cells on the roof. The idea is more than 40 years old (probably older actually) and over the years the technology has quietly grown to a substantial rate. Although we hear about it all the time, the thing is you can’t just drive down the street on any block and see every other house with one of these solar power grid tie systems set up. You will, however, find that per capita, there are actually A LOT of homes that do have it. Lately the solar craze has become a household word. With electricity being so expensive and the rolling blackouts that people just hate, word of mouth about alternative sources for energy is hyping up the solar technology mind set.

The municipal companies see this as a great way to relieve their problem of needing more energy since there simply is too much demand for it (by the way a rolling outage/black out is essentially the electric company rationing the electricity to some homes while cutting others off. They do this to avoid a power failure overall usually during peak energy use times such as super hot summers where all the air conditioners are running at once). Solar power grid tie systems are essentially a set up where you build a solar network to extract the suns natural supply of energy into the home through some sort of a temporary storage medium (battery, capacitor, or directly into devices as we use energy practically nonstop all day).

The municipal companies have a system set up where by you can set up a network, energize your home, and any excess electricity generated can be rerouted to other homes nearby. This helps them not have to tax their systems so much and they will pay you for this extra supply. Your tied into the grid but with one form of a grid tie system your actually pushing your meter backwards as you go beyond the needs of your home at any given time (selling excess energy back to the power company but realistically it just gets rerouted after being metered so they know how much to pay you!).

I predict that in the next 25 years there will be neighborhoods where every other, if not every home on the block has a solar power grid tie system in place. The synergy between the consumer, solar equipment, and the utility company is inevitable in this time of great power

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