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Would you like to learn how you can start using alternate electric source to run your own home? Many people are using clean renewable energy systems to run their home today. They are a great alternative to the traditional electricity provided by the grid and they can significantly reduce a household’s power bills by up to 80% or more. Best of all, these systems are very cheap to build, they require very little maintenance and you can possibly get up to 75% rebate on the cost of the home based power system.

1. Why Use Solar Alternative Electric Source System?

Solar power is great for houses that are exposed to the sun during the day. In fact, solar energy is one of the easiest and cheapest forms of renewable energy to harness. They contribute to lower air pollution and a cleaner environment around us. If you want to build a homemade solar power system, you should also install a battery emergency power supply to prepare for power outages.

By using home based energy systems, some states like California will give you a rebate on the installation purchase. Moreover, you may also be able to create a situation called net metering whereby your system creates excessive electricity and it gets sold back to the power company for your own profit.

2. Introduction to a Solar Alternate Electric Source System

They utilize multiple photovoltaic solar panels placed on top of roofs to capture the sun’s energy during the day. Electrons inside the solar panels create DC electric power that needs to be converted into AC electricity by the inverter inside the system, since household appliances run on AC power. The excess electricity created can be stored inside batteries to be used when there is no sunlight, like during the night.

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