Tips For Building Your Own Wind Power Generator For Your Home!

We’ve all heard about alternative energy sources and that we need to start looking for alternatives to current fuels such as coal and oil. The advantages and benefits far outweigh the negatives associated with using a windmill to generate electricity for your home. It’s actually pretty easy to build your own windmill power generator for your home but you’ll need to know several tips to get you started first. One of the best features of using wind power to supply power is that it is a renewable and clean resource and doesn’t have any byproducts or negative effects on the environment when using it.

Another feature is that once you have a system set up and working it costs nothing to keep running and any initial setup costs you have will be easily recouped by how much money you save every month in your electric bill. There are a few choices you have in how to make and setup your own wind power system. You can either buy a commercially made wind generator, which can cost up to $10,000 depending on which type you pick, or make your own out of easily available supplies if your handy around the house. If you choose to make your own windmill you could probably make one that can generate 800 – 1200 watts for less than $200.

There are many do it yourself kits and easy to read construction plans available online that you can use to build your own wind generator when you are ready. The best part of using wind generators is that they will supply power all day and night as long as you have a slight breeze, and then you can run any appliance in your home using a inverter. The energy is collected from the blades of the windmill turning, then it goes to the generator and battery system you have built, which converts the power to AC current that we use in our homes.

To build your own windmill from the ground up you need to make sure you follow a guide that is written by someone with real experience in making and using wind power systems like these. Most online guides that you follow will show you the exact materials you will need.

Here’s a short list of things you need to look for when searching for the right guide for you:

1. The most important thing is that you have to be able to understand the instructions and blueprints provided.

2. I recommend that it have a high power output (1000 watts and above) so you can use it to make as much free electricity as possible.

3. It must be strong enough to withstand your normal weather conditions. (I live in a area that gets heavy snow in the winter and my first windmill I built collapsed in the middle of winter from the heavy snow.)

4. Be sure to find an ORIGINAL and proven system that has been tested by many others.

5. The author should have great after sale support in case you have a question or get stuck.

6. The cost to assemble your system should be relatively inexpensive. If you are making it yourself to save money you shouldn’t be spending more than a few hundred dollars on materials.

Using these points I’ve listed above, you should have no problem building your own wind power generator and start saving money every month on your power bills.

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