Build A Wind Power Turbine – Help Save Mother Earth

Wind turbine power generators are one of the best solutions to preserving our environment. Wind energy is abundant and free. It is the best alternative energy form combining low cost with availability. Wind power can generate all or part of your energy requirements. With your own small wind turbine, which you can build at low cost, you can harness the energy of the wind to power your home.

Small wind power generators were commonly seen on farms up till the 1950s. Wind power was used for other purposes also, such as pumping water from wells. Money was tight in those days and people looked for ways to economize. Since then with increasing prosperity and little care for the environment we rely almost completely on the power company to supply our electric power.

These days attitudes, of necessity are changing. We have become aware that we must reduce our impact on the environment or face increasing problems in the years ahead. Many are now looking for alternative energy sources. The most viable alternatives are wind power or solar panels. Solar panels are however expensive and produce limited amounts of power. They have a place in some applications but are presently too expensive for general use as a power supply.

Wind power turbines are now in use to supply all or part of the power supply for many cities all over the world including the USA. They supply “green” power at a cost competitive to conventional power generating facilities. Wind turbine power generators are now being used by many to produce all or part of their power needs.

Small wind turbines for private use are now available from many sources. They can be mounted on a rooftop or on a small tower or pole. They are however quite expensive. A better solution than buying a wind power generator is to build your own which can be done at quite low cost. Plans are available for building a wind generator using new or used auto parts. Any home handyman who can use simple tools can build a wind turbine which will supply part of the power needs of an average household. All or most of the power requirements of a home can be supplied with several generators. Power can be stored in storage batteries till put to use.

Power companies in many areas now will buy any excess power which you generate. When you are at work or away from home any excess power which you generate from your wind generators will earn you money. You will not only be helping to preserve our environment but making money into the bargain. It doesn’t get any better than that

Build your own wind turbine, or if you don’t mind the cost, buy one. You will help mother earth and do yourself a favor. You can save money and reduce your impact on our climate by generating power with a wind turbine. Do it today and be an example to your neighborhood. You can obtain more information by clicking on the URL below.

John Mowatt is a retired businessman.He is interested in harnessing wind power to help preserve our environment and writes on this subject.For more information on building a wind power turbine at low cost go to

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