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There are a number of ways in which the warmth of the sun can be transformed into fuel which can be used to meet our household power requirements. The two most popular systems used today are the PV (Photovoltaic) one and the CSP (Concentrating Solar Power) one. The first system takes the light from the sun and creates electricity from it whilst the CSP system takes the suns heat and produces fuel for a power plant.

The photovoltaic panels are the most well known of the solar power systems available and consist of solar panels which inside contain a special semiconductor material that generates electricity when it comes into contact with sunlight, and so creates solar power. When solar power is created in this way it is clean and has not impact on the environment and also provides a renewable source of energy that in the long term will save you money.

The power created by a PV solar powered system will be routed into the house through a converter which alters the direct current electricity into the standard alternating current before it can be used. This is actually pretty much the same as what a utility company does when supplying the current through the circuit breaker panel in a home. After passing through the inverter the current can be stored in a backup system (batteries) for use at night or be sent directly through to power lights and other electrical appliances in the home.

If a PV solar powered system is installed correctly it will be used to power homes that may be far from more traditional types of power grids. Such a solar power system can be more cost effective than being connected to an existing power line, especially when you live some distance from power lines or a power plant. Also power generated from the sun cannot only be cheaper but will make it easier as you won’t have to pay such outrageous bills for the power you use.

A concentrating solar power (CSP) system utilizes solar thermal technology and uses a complex array of mirrors and panels in order to collect heat from the sun and sunlight. The heat collected is then transferred to a generator and will either be done directly or through using fluids contained within the panels of this solar system. Heat which is generated in many power plants today by burning coal or fossil fuels could in fact possibly be reduced by using a CSP system instead.

Not just individuals but businesses as well could save quite a considerable sum each year through using solar power systems. Each month they could find their energy bills being dramatically reduced if they choose to install a solar powered system to work in conjunction with their existing electrical supply. It can even become nonexistent when you choose to use solar power as the primary source of energy.

Although you may balk because it costs a lot to have it installed, you create and install a small system for just over $200 if you do it yourself. However it is one of the more major home improvement projects which can start paying for itself immediately after it has been done. Although building an extra bathroom my increase your home’s value, you won’t be able to recoup these costs if you are not able to sell your home at a profit.

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