How Does Solar Power Work? Solar Power 101

As energy prices continue to escalate many people are starting to ask the question How Does Solar Power Work? Although it may sound like a winning proposition, you need to be thinking about the cost of the equipment and getting it installed when considering going for solar. Today there are many state and federal grants being made available which can help to offset these costs for you. But you shouldn’t just be focusing on the costs; it is a good idea to look at the benefits of solar power for your home.

Whether solar power is being installed in a commercial or residential property the concept is basically the same, there is just a difference in relation to installation. For a house the system can be small and simple, but for a factory or warehouse the system required will be more complex and so will the installation process because greater capacity is needed.

Solar panels contain semiconductors which generate electricity from the sun’s rays that come in contact with them. Solar panels today are constructed to heat water and air coming into a property through a ventilation system. Any electricity that is generated by the solar panels will be routed to a controller or regulator and this then adjusts its voltage or amperage to meet the systems needs and will then be routed to an electrical or storage system.

There are three main components in solar power systems. The first of these is the photovoltaic panels also referred to as the solar panels or PV panels. Next is the current controller or regulator that controls the amperage/voltage of the electricity which the solar panels have generated. Finally there will be a storage system and this consists of batteries which store the energy which has been created by the system and is not required during the daytime.

The cost of solar panels can vary quite a bit and is dependent on where you live and they kind of installation you have. If for example the property is an industrial one in a remote location then usually box shaped panels will be used. For commercial usage solar panels can either be installed on the building’s roof as well as on the ground so that even more solar power can be generated.

Along with solar panels being mounted on roof tops as well as on the ground and on poles. The ground and pole mounts are much more flexible especially if part of the building tends to be in shade during the day. There are some solar panels which are fitted with devices that allow them to track the sun during the day so that they get full exposure to the sun’s rays. But the largest drawback to a solar installation is of course when sunset comes. But this is rectified by having a storage system, array of batteries installed or through having a supplemental power supply obtained from the utility company’s own power grid.

Now it is possible to get solar cells built into roofs, awnings and windows if you want a dual function solar power system that is hidden. For a residential property one can get roofing materials which have solar cells included and which function in the same way was asphalt shingle does once installed. But you have the added benefit of the solar cells that means you can design a house which looks like a home rather than like a space ship.

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