Types Of Solar Power Systems For Private Or Commercial Use

Using Solar energy you can create electricity to power RVs, residential homes and commercial properties. There are a variety of solar power systems available. Quite often the choice of which to go for is obvious but in other situations you may have to weigh up the pros and cons. This article will detail some of the options and explain the considerations.

If we consider an RV, for example, the ideal solar power system would be a portable system. These systems are economical, as they have a smaller number of solar panels and batteries than a larger stand-alone system. They may be moved around so that they can make the most of the sunny conditions depending on your location.

The basic set up of a stand alone system for generating electricity is one or more solar panels. These are generally connected to one or more batteries that will store DC current. As most appliances in the home and business use AC current an inverter is needed to convert from DC to AC.

For those that like an each way bet or are new to solar power electricity there is the grid tie solar power system. This means that the home or business building is still connected to the grid but has a solar panel installed too. The grid-tie system will have an inverter that changes the DC current into the purest sine-wave AC electricity so that it will mesh with the utility grid. Thus there is a seamless connection between the solar and grid electricity.

When there is no sun or the solar panels do not have the capacity to supply the building then the grid supplied electricity can fill the gap. Thus there is usually no need for batteries which makes this system cleaner and easier to operate. It also means that electricity can be transported to the power station and used elsewhere.

Eventually, as people become more experienced with solar power they will move towards a completely stand alone system. That is an off the grid system. They will become completely self sufficient for energy needs. Of course this requires more management by the individual and more responsibility but it is cheaper than using grid power and more environmentally friendly.

The complete off grid system will contain more inverters, probably two, so that there will be enough current to run large appliances like air conditioners and electric heaters. It also gives the solar power system more flexibility in that one can be operated while the other is being maintained.

Of course another reason for having an off the grid system is when there is no grid to connect to. Typically, this will be in remote areas and the solar power system is the only source of energy supply. It is not so much a nice thing to have or an economical measure but a necessity.

Hybrid systems are also useful in remote areas or if you are planning to go self sufficient in creating energy. A hybrid system uses two methods of energy generation to double the total amount of created. This may include a solar/wind power option if you want to go totally green. Otherwise you may go for a solar/generator system. The generator would be a portable generator powered by diesel, propane or gasoline. Provided you have a reliable supply of these fossil fuels then this hybrid system is probably more reliable than the solar/wind option.

Again, it depends on how much time or money you have but to have as many contingencies to your solar power system is the best way to go as you can’t always rely on the sun. So why not have a solar/wind/generator system. This would be more complex to operate but would cover your energy needs no matter what type of weather you experienced.

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