Zero Point Energy Explained- and Your Savings Piled Up

Zero Point Energy may sound complicated, but is actually quite straight forward.

One description is that the zero-point energy is the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical physical system may have and is the energy of the ground state.

Now, if you are a physicist, that may mean something to you.

But what of you are a lay person, have high power bills, and want to simply get on with getting cheaper power?

Sorry to be so blunt, but for some of you, this may in fact be refreshing.

Anyway, the idea of using a magnetic system as a generator is relatively new, but has certainly been tested.

Hence, I am certain you wioll be able to make it work for you, as others have for themselves.

The information details you need are already available in a pre written manual, that provides all the relevant information.  Best of all, the materials can all be bought relatively cheaply, and that is an important bonus.

However, as a caveat. you will be able to generate a substantial amount of power, only by using more powerful magnets.

You can not expect to power your whole house, using two kid style magnets.

However, even though there is a manufacturing cost, it is substantially less than buying commercial units, or paying for your power, to the power companies over several years.

I am serious- you can save a truckload, by looking into this more.

336x280Rmag pic2

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