Does Free Energy Really Exist?


Let me explain further.

Energy in the world is neither directly created- it is simply transfered.

Hence, explaining it another way, it can transfer or move from one medium to another, in various forms.

In the case of power or electricity generation, I am going to talk about magnetic zero point energy.

This technology uses magnets to transfer their magnetic emergy into electricity.

This works by the two poles of the magnets opposing, and attracting each other.

Hence, once the system is started, the magnetic fields affect each other on a continuous basis, with out any further energy input.

However, the energy output is greater, so you have power or electricity generation for yourself, and this can be applied to your home, or alternative setting.

I know this is a very new concept, but one that has been proved over many trials.

The reason it is not more commonly known is simply because the large power corporations would prefer you not to use it as they can not meter, and charge you for it.

To see more for yourself, there is a  request for a free report on the right hand side of this screen, as well as the buttion below, to find out more.

The sooner you start, the sooner you can be saving a heap in power bills.


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