Energy in a Modern World- Its Adaptation

I wanted to talk today about the importance of recognising a new landscape regarding our use of energy.

In the past, and in many cases, right now, we still just plug apliances and ‘things’ in and use them with little thought.

In fact, if anything, we are using more and more electronic goods in our homes daily.

I know I am certainly one of the biggest culprits of this issue.  I have a laptop in just about every room of the house, so I can check my email, right up a quick article, and more.  I am the kind of person who is really online, in practice, and in my mind.

We also have more and more entertainment items, like ipods, stereos, large screen LCD TV,s, all devices that actually use more and more power than some predecessor tube models.

Now, I do not begrudge anyone this technology, as I am a great user of these systems myself.

However, what can we do about the ever increasing cost of electricity and energy in general?

I know, for myself, that we are receiving more and more large power bills.

In addition, there is the issue of standby power- the power to supply the receiver, with a typically red light to say the unit is plugged in, so that it will work when we push the start button on the remote control.

These are all issues we need to be thinking about, if we are not already.

I understand that one way to deal with it is to switch everything off at the power point, but I don’t think that is totally practical.

However, I do have another solution, and I think we can all apply this one.

I don’t know too many people that enjoy paying high power bills, and there is still a long list of other appliances and systems we have on at home, like the pool filter, the dishwasher, the washing machine, and more.

Some places have off peak power, if you use it at midnight, through t the early morning, but how practical is that?

To solve this issue, and the use of fossil fuels, we can in fact, look at constructing our own perpetual motion, magnetic system power generators.

These generators are relatively small, and once started, they actually power your home or office, under their own power, and even can produce more than you need, so you can store, and either use later, or sell the extra energy.

More information on this exciting project is available at Magni Work Zero Point Energy.

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