Understanding the Use of Perpetual Motion for Energy- A Brief Explanation

Many of us have heard about perpetual motion, but as we are not physics graduates, are not sure exactly what it is.

I hope to esplain this in some detail here, in straight forward language.

Essentially, many devices that create energy, or generators, actually use a lot of energy in their own right to wprk, and are therefore not as efficient as we would like.

To explain this another way, imagine a light bulb.  It may be rated at 60 Watts, and gives off a certain amount of light. Being an incandescent lamp, it actually creates a lot of heat, as well as light, and they are in fact, very in efiicient,as much of the electricity used, is given off as heat, and not all as light.  In fact, 1 Watt of electricity is a lot of energy, but we [erceive it as  much less, due to the inefficiencies in the design.

Now, translating that to a generator, the generator creates heat, and friction,and thus, is not 100% efficient.  This is the case with  many traditional generation systems.

However, a recent technological development is the zero point energy generator, or perpetual motion generator. Once it is started, it actually continues to work, entirely under its own power, specifically, magnetic power.

magniwork box

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