You can Have Reduced Cost Energy, in as Little as a Week from Now!- Really!

Free Energy- From Magnets- Really!

Yes, I really do mean this. You can set up a perpetual energy generator, that one started, will continue to work for years and years. I really do mean this. Let me explain a little more below.

Magnetism Explained

You see, as you will no doubt know, and can prove for yourself at home, if you take two bar magnets, you will be able to see that in one direction, when you place two poles of the same pole against or near each other, they will repell each other.  Likewise, placing two opposing poles together, they will attract each other.  All magnets have two poles, a North and a South, and these laws are uniform across all types of magnets, as well as the electro induced magnetic systems.

Building Your Zero Point Generator

Now, taking this information a step further, we can also look at constructing a device that will provide electricity to us, based on the magnetic principle, and also perpetual motion.

You see, by using the plans available from Magni Systems, you are able to easily put together a generator, made from common parst avaialble at any decent hardware store, and create a generator, that once started, will continue to power your home for years to come.

Naturally, the power output wil dpend on the size of the magnets you use, but you may build a small model to prove it to yourself first, and then build a larger one.

Please note that a ‘larger model’ is still relatively compact, and will not take up much room in your home at all.

It could even be placed in a corner of your garage, and still leave room for your car.  It creates no pollution, or fumes, and is quite quiet as well, and will work in all weather conditions- a perfect solution.

More information can be found by clicking on the image below.

magniwork box

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