Are Magnetic Generators for Electricity Safe to Have at Home?


In fact, it can be safer than almost any other form of energy, as it creates no fumes, or gasses when in operation.

As an added bonus, it does not cause any green house emissions either, so that is a bonus for the environment.

Ok- now that I know they do not pollute the environment, or casue excessive noise, is there anything else I need to know?

Well, here is a list of some useful information regarding all of this:-

You’ll find that once you have built the unit, there are little or no actual further costs involved with its running

Naturally, as the actual wheel, with the magnet/ coils on it turns, it is advisable to either put a cage around it, or fence off the area so young children do not come into harm’s way, such as attempting to stop the generator wheel or any other issues in that regard.

However, with basic common sense approaches to keeping yourself safe, and insulating the terminals where the electric cables connect to the generator terminals, all other issues are effectively a non issue.

Like any electronic device, it is best to keep little fingers away from the system.

Naturally, I advise you enclose as much as possible, to avoid any problems.

To learn more and download the plans for building this magnetic generator, either click the generator link, or the image below.


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