Zero Point Power- A Further explanation

To further explain the meaning of zero point power, consider the following scenario.

In traditional generator systems, you may need coal, or other natural fuel to start the generator, in a commercial power station.

Generated Power for Free

Let me try to explain a little further.

However, as the world, or our current state of affairs demands, we are looking for greener ways to approach generating power, as the issues with the environment are becoming too big to ignore.

The simple fact that we are definitely seeing a greater effect on our weather systems, and other environmental factors to force a look at alternative power sources. There is only so much that can be mined before it becomes a problem to the earth.

The good news is that we can use zero point power, and generate it from home as well, if we want.

Zero Point Power

Zero Point Power is all about the generation of power, using magnetic energy to keep an electrical generator running in perpetual motion. I have provided more information on zero point energy systems here.

To summarise the idea, however, it is based on manually starting or spinning a generator device, that is powered by magnets. As the magnets reach a certain point in their rotation, the poles attract each other, so the rotation is enhanced, or powered if you will, and as the magnets pass that point, their poles repel, so that ‘push effcet’ now takes palce, and then, the magnets come closer to the next magnet where they are attracted, and so on.

Meanwhile, this system keeps turning, through perpetual motion, and the generator parts keeps creating electricity or energy, through the movement of the system.

I understand this is a little difficult to picture, so have included a video below for you.

You Can Power Your Home too…

Not only can you use a similar system to power your home, you can also contribute to reducing the environmental impact by reducing the use of mined resources.

To find out more about this unique technology, clicking on the image will take you to a website that offers a little more information on the subject.

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