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Financial and Environmental Impact of Generating Electricity at Home

With concerns about the environment and conserving our available resources growing, more and more people are thinking about generating their own power at home. However, there are a lot of questions to be answered first. Will generating my own electricity be worthwhile in the long run? Does it really help the environment? Let’s take a […]

Can You Generate Electricity at Home?

Global warming, climate change, increased cost of living, the list goes on for reasons it would be beneficial to generate electricity at home to take the burden off environmentally unfriendly power plants and in the long run to save you money you would need to give to power companies to maintain our modern lifestyles we […]

Homemade Solar Power – Free Electricity Or Just a Fad?

Domestic solar power generation is the only way to eliminate electricity bills and go off grid in the long run. Many Americans coast to coast are realizing the benefits of getting solar power up and running in their homes. As power prices are going up, people are feeling the pinch and the sting is felt […]

Utilizing Free Energy For Life, and It’s Legal, Clean, and Affective!

Does this really ring true? Is free energy a scam? The short answer is no! ┬áit is definitely not a scam. I can assure you of this, as I have my name on this site, and I am only interested in promoting products that I can see, for myself, actually work, as well as provide […]

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