Zero Point Power- A Further explanation

To further explain the meaning of zero point power, consider the following scenario.

In traditional generator systems, you may need coal, or other natural fuel to start the generator, in a commercial power station.

Generated Power for Free

Let me try to explain a little further.

However, as the world, or our current state of affairs demands, we are looking for greener ways to approach generating power, as the issues with the environment are becoming too big to ignore.

The simple fact that we are definitely seeing a greater effect on our weather systems, and other environmental factors to force a look at alternative power sources. There is only so much that can be mined before it becomes a problem to the earth.

The good news is that we can use zero point power, and generate it from home as well, if we want.

Zero Point Power

Zero Point Power is all about the generation of power, using magnetic energy to keep an electrical generator running in perpetual motion. I have provided more information on zero point energy systems here.

To summarise the idea, however, it is based on manually starting or spinning a generator device, that is powered by magnets. As the magnets reach a certain point in their rotation, the poles attract each other, so the rotation is enhanced, or powered if you will, and as the magnets pass that point, their poles repel, so that ‘push effcet’ now takes palce, and then, the magnets come closer to the next magnet where they are attracted, and so on.

Meanwhile, this system keeps turning, through perpetual motion, and the generator parts keeps creating electricity or energy, through the movement of the system.

I understand this is a little difficult to picture, so have included a video below for you.

You Can Power Your Home too…

Not only can you use a similar system to power your home, you can also contribute to reducing the environmental impact by reducing the use of mined resources.

To find out more about this unique technology, clicking on the image will take you to a website that offers a little more information on the subject.

Is It Possible to Save on My Electric Bill?

The good news is yes, you can.

Let me outline some ideas here for you…

The facts are that most people still do not know they can save dramatically, by actually working towards building their own power generator for home.  Now, before any of you throw off this page in horror, saying you can’t do it- stay with me here.

I am able to point you in the direction of a guide that really works, by providing all the information to you in avery simple and straightforward format…


It is really very possible, and easier than you think.

I have come across a manual written very well, by a person who was prepared to take on the power companies, and let you know what can be done.

The manual explains the benefits of using magnetic power generation, in terms of the fact that it is a saving on the environment, as well as a massive saving for us, you, your wallet and purse.

I have also written ion more detail about saving money, as well as cheap, and clean power here.

Essentially, the use of magnets are making a difference, and will more easily allow us to generate perpetual motion power.

This means that once the generator has been started, it keeps on going, and going, by the use of the magnetic energy, attracting, and repelling the magnets in the system, and thus, keeps on geberating electricity.

This is an incredible concept, and one that I can certainly resonate with, as I know you too, can.

Let;s face it, you are searching here, as you know there has to be a better way as well.

Are Magnetic Generators for Electricity Safe to Have at Home?


In fact, it can be safer than almost any other form of energy, as it creates no fumes, or gasses when in operation.

As an added bonus, it does not cause any green house emissions either, so that is a bonus for the environment.

Ok- now that I know they do not pollute the environment, or casue excessive noise, is there anything else I need to know?

Well, here is a list of some useful information regarding all of this:-

You’ll find that once you have built the unit, there are little or no actual further costs involved with its running

Naturally, as the actual wheel, with the magnet/ coils on it turns, it is advisable to either put a cage around it, or fence off the area so young children do not come into harm’s way, such as attempting to stop the generator wheel or any other issues in that regard.

However, with basic common sense approaches to keeping yourself safe, and insulating the terminals where the electric cables connect to the generator terminals, all other issues are effectively a non issue.

Like any electronic device, it is best to keep little fingers away from the system.

Naturally, I advise you enclose as much as possible, to avoid any problems.

To learn more and download the plans for building this magnetic generator, either click the generator link, or the image below.


Please note that you are also welcome to request my free report on power generation at home, by leaving your details on the mini form on the top right of this web page.

Thank you in advance. I am confident the report will be informative for you.

You can Have Reduced Cost Energy, in as Little as a Week from Now!- Really!

Free Energy- From Magnets- Really!

Yes, I really do mean this. You can set up a perpetual energy generator, that one started, will continue to work for years and years. I really do mean this. Let me explain a little more below.

Magnetism Explained

You see, as you will no doubt know, and can prove for yourself at home, if you take two bar magnets, you will be able to see that in one direction, when you place two poles of the same pole against or near each other, they will repell each other.  Likewise, placing two opposing poles together, they will attract each other.  All magnets have two poles, a North and a South, and these laws are uniform across all types of magnets, as well as the electro induced magnetic systems.

Building Your Zero Point Generator

Now, taking this information a step further, we can also look at constructing a device that will provide electricity to us, based on the magnetic principle, and also perpetual motion.

You see, by using the plans available from Magni Systems, you are able to easily put together a generator, made from common parst avaialble at any decent hardware store, and create a generator, that once started, will continue to power your home for years to come.

Naturally, the power output wil dpend on the size of the magnets you use, but you may build a small model to prove it to yourself first, and then build a larger one.

Please note that a ‘larger model’ is still relatively compact, and will not take up much room in your home at all.

It could even be placed in a corner of your garage, and still leave room for your car.  It creates no pollution, or fumes, and is quite quiet as well, and will work in all weather conditions- a perfect solution.

More information can be found by clicking on the image below.

magniwork box

Understanding the Use of Perpetual Motion for Energy- A Brief Explanation

Many of us have heard about perpetual motion, but as we are not physics graduates, are not sure exactly what it is.

I hope to esplain this in some detail here, in straight forward language.

Essentially, many devices that create energy, or generators, actually use a lot of energy in their own right to wprk, and are therefore not as efficient as we would like.

To explain this another way, imagine a light bulb.  It may be rated at 60 Watts, and gives off a certain amount of light. Being an incandescent lamp, it actually creates a lot of heat, as well as light, and they are in fact, very in efiicient,as much of the electricity used, is given off as heat, and not all as light.  In fact, 1 Watt of electricity is a lot of energy, but we [erceive it as  much less, due to the inefficiencies in the design.

Now, translating that to a generator, the generator creates heat, and friction,and thus, is not 100% efficient.  This is the case with  many traditional generation systems.

However, a recent technological development is the zero point energy generator, or perpetual motion generator. Once it is started, it actually continues to work, entirely under its own power, specifically, magnetic power.

magniwork box

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