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Achieving Male Multiple Orgasm Through Prostate Stimulation, Kegal Exercises, and Medication

Male multiple orgasms? Impossible! Crazy! Are words I regularly hear. But it’s quite easy, once you understand the basics of male orgasm.

There are 3 main ways through which male multiple orgasms can be experienced;

1. Through preventing ejaculation by training the PC (pubococcygeus muscle).
2. Through prostate stimulation.
3. By inhibiting prolactin release, thereby preventing the refractory period (time to next erection).

Training the PC/Kegel Exercises

Your PC muscle (pubococcygeus muscle), controls the flow of urine and semen through the urethra (the tube that connects your bladder and seminal vesicles, to the end of your penis).

After you ejaculate, a hormone called prolactin is released, which inhibits sexual desire and the ability to retain an erection.

By contracting your PC muscle (also called Kegel exercises), you can prevent your semen from entering the urethra, and ultimately the dreaded prolactin increase. No prolactin, means no inhibition of sex, and thus the ability to have male multiple orgasms!

If you’re not sure which muscle to contract, try stopping the flow of pee while urinating. You should be able to flex and release the PC muscle at will, resulting in the stopping and starting of urination.

Sounds easy right? Well… it takes time to build the stamina of your PC muscle, and consistent training over a number of weeks, needs should be done for optimal results.

To get the right timing, your PC muscle should be contracted just prior to orgasm… before the “point of no return.”

Sample Training Plan

– Contract your PC muscle for 5 seconds.

– Relax for 5 seconds.

– Repeat up to 10 times.

– Best results should be expected when completed multiple times per day.

– After your stamina has grown over a number of weeks, try increasing your contractions to 10 seconds at a time.

Once you’ve built yourself up to an suitable level, practice flexing your PC muscle while masturbating, just prior to ejaculation. Easy does it. Don’t overshoot the mark!

As you feel you are about to come, bare down on your PC muscle, while stopping manual stimulation. This should allow the sensation of orgasm to go fade. The flexing of your PC muscle should prevent ejaculation, allowing you to continue. Keep practicing to hone your awareness of the proper start and stop times by contracting your PC muscle.

After you’ve mastered this step, try having at it during a real sex session with a significant other. The transition from exercises, to masturbation, to sex, should allow for much easier male multiple orgasms.

If you are having trouble achieving multiples, most likely your PC muscle is either not strong enough, or you’re missing the appropriate mind-body control. Continue with the Kegel exercises listed above, building your strength and endurance, while honing your mind-body connection during your regular masturbatory sessions.

Prostate Orgasm

Like most men, you may feel uncomfortable putting something up your behind. All I can say is… you don’t know what you’re missing until you’ve tried it! Comparing prostate orgasms to penile orgasms, is apples to oranges. They are on an entirely different level.

Prostate orgasms are much more intense and last much longer than regular penile orgasms. Also, since you don’t ejaculate during prostate orgasms, your refractory period (time between erections/sex) is no longer an issue. Again, no ejaculation, no prolactin. Therefore no end to sex!

A prostate stimulation device called the Aneros, suits this purpose ideally. It was originally developed for medical purposes, to help men relieve congested prostate fluid while promoting general prostate health. After experimental trials, it quickly led to reports of men experiencing intense prostate pleasure!

Quoted from the Aneros website;

“As far as the sexual benefits go, those achieved by men using the Aneros are truly singularity, non-ejaculatory, full-body shaking, continuous orgasms which can come in waves, minutes at a time.”

“We’ve had customers tell us that in the midst of these “Super-Orgasms” their beds shake uncontrollably, they lose all sense of time, and make “fierce” animal noises. They have told us these orgasms are so beautiful that they cried with joy, and as a result have even become better husbands to their wives, that their lives were changed forever. These orgasms are on an entirely different level than a traditional penile orgasm, physically, mentally, and spiritually.”

Inhibiting Prolactin

Lastly, male multiple orgasms can be achieved through the use of the dopamine agonist drug Cabergoline (Dostinex, Cabaser), which inhibits the release of prolactin both before and after sex.

You can still ejaculate or come, and continue having sex, since this “go to sleep and low libido hormone” is released to a much lesser extent.

This also means your refractory period (time between erections), will be greatly diminished. Instead of waiting a day or longer like most older men, the refractory period may be skipped altogether!

It gives you the libido of youth, while increasing the intensity of sex and experience of orgasm!

Brian Hildebrandt writes regularly on men’s health issues such as male depression, testosterone replacement, and sexual dysfunction.

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Male Multiple Orgasm

Everybody knows of women’s multiple orgasm abilities. Many women can have orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. But male multiple orgasm?! How is that even possible?

When I first encountered the idea of male multiple orgasm, I was shocked. Moreover, I obviously felt extremely sceptical. If you are a guy reading this article, you will know very well how male orgasm works. You’re making love to your woman, you become more and more excited and then all of the tension gets released in a squirt. There goes your sexual excitement, there goes your boner. Sure, if you stay in bed for a little bit, you will get your erection back and may have sex again. However the refractory period needs time and often even seems more like an effort instead of pleasure. You probably know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

Anyway, while looking for some information on how to “satisfy my woman”, I totally by accident stumbled upon this website that claimed to teach men the certainly very little known ability called “male multiple orgasm”. Even though I expected it to be a total fraud, I nonetheless decided to give it a try. Besides, the man who wrote the Male Multiple Orgasm book, Ian Kessler, provides a full satisfaction guarantee, so I figured I had pretty much nothing to lose.

Thus I purchased the book. It’s an ebook, so I got the download link instantly after the transaction. The material wasn’t too long and was pretty straightforward. I read it through in one evening and got doing the exercises.

A couple of weeks later I couldn’t believe what I was doing! I would be making love to my girlfriend, I would get an orgasm and then I would just keep having sex with my girlfriend. The first time I did this, as soon as I had an orgasm, my girlfriend was ready to get out of bed. She had that “you came too fast… just like the last time” expression on her face. She did not realise that I was still rock-hard! Oh, how I enjoyed the moment when her judging expression changed to the “What?!” look! I just kept on going and going. It was the best night we had together in months. Afterwards, she even had tears in her eyes, she was so moved by our closeness.

Fast forward two more weeks, to today, and I feel like I am the king. I am sex. I can control my arousal and my orgasms as I want. Sex has developed into so much more than a quick game of “who comes first”. I can give my woman all the orgasms she didn’t get until I acquired my male multiple orgasm abilities. That is because now I have all the time I need to please her in bed while maintaining my erection. She is now telling me I’m the best lover she has ever had (and she’s had many).

I am so thankful for my new skills and my regained sex life, that I just know I must let other people know and that’s why I wrote this article. If you feel your sex life sucks because you simply aren’t able to last sufficiently long and you don’t want to resort to use artificial methods, I highly suggest you to take a look at this ebook.

Click here to visit the Male Multiple Orgasm website