I know the title may seem a little convoluted, but as I write this, I am thinking that when we love, and express love, we are able to better manage our fears. Seriously, it really does make a difference and I hope to help you on this point.


I also realize that it is very easy to say that something is simple when it can be very difficult for others to deal with. I bring to light a situation when I suffered from an accident.


The story goes as follows

I was at best, a driver of low confidence, even though I was essentially safe. I was on probationary plates as I had only gained my driver’s licence nine months before the incident in question.


Every time I got into the car, I was always very nervous, and at times, when I arrived at a complex intersection, I could feel my body start to enter a nervous or panic attack state. My leg started to shake and I started to imagine all the possible outcomes of a bad accident.


It’s not hard to see how this was soon overtaking my driving life and every time in the car was a new potential moment of terror.


In any event, I was driving one night and during a power cut, the traffic lights were not working at a busy intersection The time was about six thirty in the evening and we were in the middle of peak hour traffic. It was raining as well, so over all, it was a good night!


Given that the lights were out, the rule was to give way to my right. I checked and when I felt the road was clear, I proceeded forward.  One important lesson I learned that night was that just because I had the right of way, was no reason to expect I was going to get it!


In any event, during this night, I ended up experiencing a car accident I was not ready for (are we ever?) and I learned a massive lesson that night.


I was anxious and I always experienced a sped up heart rate and difficulty.


However, as I learned to calm my thoughts and actually visualize the desired outcome for myself, in the form of a pleasant journey, a hassle free experience with clear traffic and easy passage through traffic lights and the like, it all started to get a whole lot easier for mwe to manage my driving.


In a similar manner, the same can be said for everything else in life. We need to start off by visualizing our desired outcome. That is really important in all cases.


I have found that breathing and visualization exercises have worked really well for me and others, but it can take some practice to work for you too. The importance of  practicing on a regular basis is critical to your overall success. This is also taught in the Stop Panic Attacks course.

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