When you are living life in a state of anxiety, it is normal to think “Can I be normal again?”


The simple answer is a definite yes. You most certainly can be normal again and I encourage you to decide this for yourself, quite conclusively!  It is only by you deciding that you have had enough of living in fear, living in a state of anxiety, or stress and tension, that you can do something about it. Plain and simple.

Does that mean that is all there is to it? Of course not. There are way too many variables for that.

Putting it another way, when you are faced with an upheavel, or a mess in your life, You also happen to know this, becasue most people reading this post know that they are smart, capable, and able to overcome teir problems.


Some people simply need a little encouragement, or perhaps, a different perspective to help show the clarity in a situation.


Futurising and Future Perception Stress Generation

futurising, and not focusiing on the now…..

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