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Installing Windmill and Solar Power Generation Units in Your Home Has Never Been As Easy Or As Cheap

With the cost of fuel set to eventually return to and perhaps surpass the prices we saw in 2008, we need to prepare for a corresponding rise in our monthly electricity bills. Next winter could be a long cold one for many people, not to mention the state of the economy. To counter this potential […]

Build Home Electricity Generation System Guide

Would you like to learn how to build a home electricity generation system? There are already several homeowners and companies running their appliances with wind and solar power to generate free electricity today. It has traditionally been seen as a high cost method for producing renewable energy, but recent technologies have been it much cheaper […]

Does Free Energy Really Exist?

Yes. Let me explain further. Energy in the world is neither directly created- it is simply transfered. Hence, explaining it another way, it can transfer or move from one medium to another, in various forms. In the case of power or electricity generation, I am going to talk about magnetic zero point energy. This technology […]

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