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Are Magnetic Generators for Electricity Safe to Have at Home?

Absolutely. In fact, it can be safer than almost any other form of energy, as it creates no fumes, or gasses when in operation. As an added bonus, it does not cause any green house emissions either, so that is a bonus for the environment. Ok- now that I know they do not pollute the […]

Understanding the Use of Perpetual Motion for Energy- A Brief Explanation

Many of us have heard about perpetual motion, but as we are not physics graduates, are not sure exactly what it is. I hope to esplain this in some detail here, in straight forward language. Essentially, many devices that create energy, or generators, actually use a lot of energy in their own right to wprk, […]

Zero Point Energy Benefits

Most notably, the use of the zero point energy generator is dependant on the use of magnets and perpetual motion. Hence, the system, once started, works on the magnetic properties of the magnets, where like poles repel each other, and opposite poles attract each other. The design of the system is such that, once started, […]

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