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Utilizing Free Energy For Life, and It’s Legal, Clean, and Affective!

Does this really ring true? Is free energy a scam? The short answer is no! ┬áit is definitely not a scam. I can assure you of this, as I have my name on this site, and I am only interested in promoting products that I can see, for myself, actually work, as well as provide […]

Does Free Energy Really Exist?

Yes. Let me explain further. Energy in the world is neither directly created- it is simply transfered. Hence, explaining it another way, it can transfer or move from one medium to another, in various forms. In the case of power or electricity generation, I am going to talk about magnetic zero point energy. This technology […]

Zero Point Magnetic Power Generator – The Cleanest Energy Solution Today

I think most people want to see more energy produced, but they don’t want to see the environmental harm by using methods that create extra pollution such as coal. There is however another method that you can use right from your own home known as a zero point magnetic power generator. This is by far […]

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